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      Beijing Tongsheng Shidai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (Tongsheng) is a high- tech biotechnology company of research & development, manufacturing and marketing established in Daxing industrial development zone of Beijing. In 2013, the company was successfully integrated with Beijing Quantobio Co., Ltd.

       Based on four technology platforms, namely CLIA, molecular immunology, cellular immunology and molecular diagnostic Tongsheng has been focusing on the prediction, diagnosis and treatment evaluation of liver diseases, cancer, tuberculosis, AIDS, autoimmune defects and other indicated diseases. The company has both globally- patented products, such as cytokeratin 18 and cytokeratin 19 for early tumor screening and auxiliary clinical diagnosis, and domestically- patente products,such as tuberculosis T cell immune detection kit. It also owns products supported by the major projects of China’s 12th five- year plan, such as lymphocyte subsets detection kit (flow cytometry).

      Tongsheng provides hospitals, third- party testing organizations and physical examination groups with a variety of clinical diagnostic reagents, covering all regions of China. In 2015, we will continue to maintain close communication and cooperation with the country's major hospitals, and carry on the introduction and conversion of cutting- edg biological technologiesfrom China and abroad, to maintain a continuous innovation of products, the number of which is expected to be added to over 100 types.

      Tongsheng will continue to focus on the prediction, diagnosis and treatment evaluation of various infectious diseases,and strive to become a leader in the field of biological agents for clinical diagnosis and health warning.