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Cytokeratin-18 Fragments with Chemiluminescence Quantitative Immunoassay(K18-3A9)



Purpose:Cytokeratin 18-3A9 is mainly used for auxiliary diagnosis of gastric cancer,but the diagnosis needs to be confirmed by clinical diagnosis, pathological diagnosis and other test results. Studies have indicated that the concentration of 18-3A9 in serum of colon cancer and lung cancer can be increased.

Keratin 18 specific protein is a kind of differentiation, molecular weight 55 kd, widely exists in epithelial cells, is one of the component of cytoskeleton proteins. Activation of proteases in the process of malignant transformation of epithelial cells to accelerate the degradation of keratin 18, made a lot of keratin 18 fragments released into the blood circulation. Keratin 18-3 segments of a9 concentration is closely related to tumor progression, and metastasis. Keratin 18-3 segments of a9 is single 3 a9 binding sites (cytokeratin 18 aa 200 ~ 250) and single resistance 2 a6 binding sites (cytokeratin 18 aa 350 ~ 400) between the segments of cytokeratin 18. Tested pieces for cytokeratin 18 aa200 ~ 400, the molecular weight of about 25 kd.

Keratin 18-3 a9 assay kit (chemiluminescence method) used in human serum samples of keratin 18-3 segments of a9, quantitative evaluation of the clinical mainly for the auxiliary diagnosis of gastric cancer, but must be made by clinical diagnosis and pathology diagnosis test and other test results shall prevail. Studies have shown that colorectal, lung, also can make the keratin 18-3 segments of a9 concentration in serum.

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